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Haj Tour With Cosmic Family

I had performed Haj before too.This time I traveled through Cosmic Tours. This provided me an opportunity to compare the facilities of the two and to be frank that the Cosmic Family has been extremely generous in their services. Almost all members of the Group we found are humble, religious and sincere.They had more passion for religion than money. From the very departure from Mumbai Airport until we returned home, the respective individuals provided all kinds of assistance inspiring all hajis in their group to perform their rituals comfortably and this is you to believe that what I mention is absolute without any exaggeration.

Cosmic group leaders were actively supporting hajis in their genuine requirements throughout the journey. Whether it was the provision of buses at their respective times, placement at tents at Meena, Muzdalifa, and Arafat or serving food during the tour, was reasonably well done.

Tents at all these places were thoroughly well maintained. We all hajis were in the best of comfort throughout the journey. Let me take this opportunity to thank Mufazzal, Mazin, aslam bhai and all those involved. They provided all facilities required, to the best of their abilities. Fazal was special.He knows to handle things in a professional manner.His management of whatever entrusted to him, was superb.Provision of food especially with all the varieties is a thing to mention.His knowledge of the local language was an additional advantage to Hajis.

Last but not the least, Babubhai made us feel that we are being taken care of. We thank you all and wish to travel through you again whenever Allah desires so. may Allah bless you all