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Here are a few important points for the guidance and consideration of those fortunate people who are going to perform Hajj this year.

How do I choose the right tour operator?

A right tour operator is one that has achieved the below mentioned points :

  • Recognition by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
  • Quota allotted to take Pilgrims for Hajj allotted to it from the Ministry last year and this year.
  • Number of bookings made so far and where do you stand in the queue.

Please bear in mind that only tour operators duly registered are permitted to take pilgrims as per quota allotted to them. Visas are also issued strictly on the basis of quota sanctioned. So the tour operator cannot exceed the limit set by the quota allotted. Unregistered tour operators either buy visa from others & dump additional financial burden on the pilgrims or worse, cancel the entire tour vanishing all the hopes of the pilgrims.

Which Airlines should I fly?

Please bear in mind that before you decide on any tour operator you should be well aware of all the nitty gritties concerning your tour, for example:

  • Which Airline are you going to travels in?
  • Is your flight to Jeddah/Madina direct or with a Stopover? If it is with a stopover, how long will the stop be?
  • If the halt is longer, do you get a hotel stay or will you have to wait & tire yourself at the Airport lounge?
  • Will your departure and return journey tickets be confirmed?
  • Will the return journey from Madina Munawwarah be in a direct flight or you have to unnecessary travel back to Jeddah by bus?

What kind of accommodation should I be looking out for?

In the main season, where millions of people from all over the world have gathered, it is utmost important to have a hotel that makes you feel at home. Do look out for the following facilities your hotel may provide.

  • The type of lodging that will be provided in Makkah Mukarramah i.e. in Hotels, Apartments etc
  • Distance of the accommodation from the Haram.
  • Rating of the hotel / apartment i.e. 5-Star, 4-Star, 3- Star or no star.
  • The number of lifts available as against the number of people staying.
  • Does the accommodation have a dining hall, if not where will the meals be served.
  • Will the Laundry be taken care of, or there are separate charges to it.

Laundry Services

Keeping your clothes paak and clean is of prime importance and hygiene. Kindly look out for the following points:

  • Is the Tour operator providing free laundry Service?
  • The laundry service is unlimited or in the form of coupons?
  • If coupons, how many coupons are provided?
  • To ensure that coupons given by tour operator are not exhausted in washing only the Ehraams.

What do you mean by shifting and Non-Shifting Hajj Package?

Non Shifting Style Hajj Package

Your stay shall be facilitated in a luxurious Hotel very close to the Haram all throughout the period of Hajj which provides maximum comfort and minimizes hardships. Many of our past clients have said it results in maximum Ibadat.

  • You should be certain whether your accommodation is in a hotel or in apartment or a villa?
  • Will there be beds or mattresses in the room?
  • How many people will share a room?
  • Is the bathroom attached or shared between many rooms?
  • How close will a taxi drop you and then how much to walk to reach Haram or your accommodation

Shifting Style Hajj Package

Shifting style package which nowadays is a choice of many tour operators consists of stay far from Haram during the peak season of the Hajj for reduction of cost. The distance can vary from 3 k.m. to 10 k.m. The Hajis stay near the Haram after or before the Peak Season, which is before 1st Zil Hijjah & after 15th Zil Hijjah. This type of Package is called Aziziah or Shifting Package.

Actual 5 Days of Hajj

The climax events of the entire journey undertaken for Hajj are the Five days of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah. These are the most important days when the pilgrim passes through a never before experience of staying in Tents and on Plain ground. To ensure its smoothness the pilgrims should thoroughly check the facilities offered by the Tour operator.

  • What is the name & number of Moallim & how far is the tent from Jamarat ?
  • Will you get the tent numbers for your stay in Mina in advance?
  • Will the tour organizer help you in getting space or will you have to adjust yourselves in the Tents?
  • During your stay in Mina, see provisions for Food, Beverages, and Mineral Water etc taken care of?
  • During the 5 days of Hajj who is responsible for transportation? Moallim or the tour organizer?
  • If it is the Tour organizer, then what are the facilities offered?
  • For the transportation during Hajj i.e. Makkah-Mina-Arafat, how many Hajis shall be accommodated in each Bus and will you get a chance to sit inside the bus or travel standing or even worse, on rooftops.
  • Will each bus have group leader to guide the Hajis?
  • While performing the Rami at the Satan will the Tour operator accompany you in a group or you will have to manage your own affair? (this avoids getting lost in the crowd)
  • While going around for Ziyarat (Tawaf-e-Ziyarat) does the Tour organizer keep food arrangements at both the places i.e. in Makkah Mukarramah as well as Mina?
  • After completing the Hajj rituals, on your way back to Makkah from Mina, who will carry your luggage?

Medical Facility In case of illness,

  • Will a qualified physician & any medical facilities be provided?
  • Will the tour operator carry with him sufficient Medical provisions i.e. Medicines of General use?